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What Your Shoes Say About You: Women

By on 04/02/2012

Have you ever wondered what people thought about your shoes?

Woman Cowboy Boots

What do you think of the boots?

It’s something we all wonder. We think about the clothes we wear each day. We carefully select something that wear while trying to visualize what shoes will go well with our choice. Guys think about it, but to a lesser degree than women I assume.

It seems like the choices for apparel and footwear come down to a few facts.

First, we want to be comfortable. Second, the nature of our daily events has a certain impact on the choice. Third, we wonder how we’re going to be perceived by the people we will be around or could run into throughout the day.

Yahoo! addressed this in a great article recently. The article – What your shoes say to guys – is a great look at what guys really think about women and the shoes they wear.

I like the concept so I thought I’d share some of my thoughts on what shoes say about a woman. We’ll stick to summer shoes to keep it both relevant and fun.

Stay tuned because we will have to do the reverse as well…

What Guys Think of Your Shoes

Feel free to leave comments if you think I missed something with this article…

Michael Antonio Treacy

Michael Antonio Treacy

Yowsa. If you’re wearing bright yellow sandals with lizard print you’re feeling confident and that’s pretty cool. I’ll guess you really know your fashion and like to flaunt your attitude with your shoes.

Shop: Michael Antonio Treacy

Rampage Ambur

Rampage Ambur

Fun and cute. These shoes are great for showing off a fun personality. The floral accents make it really interesting and the color definitely shows that you’re a happy person. These are great summer sandals.

Shop: Rampage Ambur

Roxy Sangria

Roxy Sangria

These I like. It says you’re pretty laid back. You know the latest trend (ropes and wraps), but show it off in a subtle way. You’re probably ready for an evening of hanging out with friends at a restaurant or a concert or anywhere that’s cool to hang out in the summertime.

Shop: Roxy Sangria

Fossil Elway

Fossil Elway

These are a little hippie-ish, but that’s not a bad thing. These shoes make a statement. You like to think you’re more about comfort than fashion, but these shoes do make a certain kind of fashion statement about your style. It’s laid back, but you probably have something to say about a few topics we might discuss.

Shop: Fossil Elways

Blowfish Natassa

Blowfish Natassa

Any girl that wears turquoise is alright in my book. These shoes are pretty cool. They’re flats, which I think are great. It means you’ll likely be up for any activity planned for the day. Those heels are great, but they can be inconvenient if there is walking or traveling involved in the day’s activities.

Shop: Blowfish Natassa

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