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Sandals Flip for Beads and Jewels

By on 03/05/2012

Beads and jewels are in for Summer 2012.

Pacific Sunny BeachYou’ll flip this year for the new look in flip flops.

Women’s sandals will featured some great accents this season. The look includes beads and jewels of all colors. The variations are many so there is plenty of room to be in-style while still keeping your unique look.

The bead and jewel look is a great way to add some casual fun to your summer attire. The style can work for those days down at the beach, for an easy going day around the house or even for those lunch dates with friends and family.

You should start seeing flip flops with these accents as the weather warms. The sun is starting to shine across the country and people are ready for spring. The fever is definitely hitting everybody this year as the cold weather won’t seem to go away.

There is so much to look forward to this summer too – including great new sandals.

Sandals with Beads and Jewels for 2012

The beads and jewels have been on sandals and flips in past seasons, but this year they are really important for the woman that’s in-style. These flips work well for just about any occasion in the summer. You can wear them with a summer sun dress or even a pair of jeans on a cool summer evening.

There are lots of options with this versatile look.

Here are a few popular examples.

Yellow Box Acedia

Yellow Box Acedia

The zebra look is combined with the jeweled look here in this flip from Yellow Box. This sandal has a really comfortable, padded sole to give you the best sandal for summer. The color adds something unique to your look and the jewels keep your right on point with the latest fashion trends.

Shop: Yellow Box Acedia

White Mountain Bright

White Mountain Bright

White Mountain really went all out for the jeweled look this year. The Bright has great color accents. This sandal will really stand out when you’re out on the town this summer. It can be casual and perhaps even work with a few dress styles. The cushion is comfortable on your foot and you even have a little bit of the corked look as well for style.

Shop: White Mountain Bright

Array Moki

Array Moki

This sandal from Array is great. It has a little bit of the primal, earthy feel to it. There are a variety of colors to go with any outfit. The big jewel on the front stays right with the current trend. It’s a great thong sandal to go with your casual, laid back look this summer.

Shop: Array Moki

Clarks Latin Circle

Clarks Latin Circle

Coral is a big color for 2012. So this sandal from Clarks had to be included. The beads run across the front of the sandal and really pop off the color. It’s a great sandal for days at the beach. You’ll look like the girl that’s ready to kick back and just enjoy life.

Shop: Clarks Latin Circle

Earth Saffron

Earth Saffron

This sandal from Earth is a little more dressy, but there is still room to try it with a casual dress. The jewel on the front is really cute. On this particular style the yellow really jumps off the white straps. It’s a great flip flop for summer 2012 and it’s right there with the latest trend.

Shop: Earth Saffron

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