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Flare for the Fourth

By on 06/27/2019

We all want our Fourth of July to go out with a bang. Though it isn’t always easy picking out what you are going to wear for the holiday…

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ShoeMall Summer Sandal Giveaway – Winning Women’s Sandals

By on 05/08/2010
Although our ShoeMall Summer Sandal Giveaway has wrapped up, I wanted to share a few more women’s sandals selections made by our lucky winners. Once again, our winners really show the different options available when shopping for your perfect summer sandal. That’s one of the things I love most about picking out warm weather shoes [ . . . ]
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ShoeMall Summer Sandal Winners – A Parade of Women’s Sandals

By on 04/23/2010
One of my favorite parts of the ShoeMall Summer Sandal Giveaway, other than getting to tell people they have won free shoes, is seeing the styles our winners have chosen. With selections ranging from classic flip flops to dressy black sling backs, each shoe really illustrates how many types and styles of women's sandals there really are. It doesn’t hurt that our winners have great taste as well! [ . . . ]
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Miley in the City

By on 10/30/2009
Miley Cyrus will be appearing in the new Sex and the City movie, set to hit theaters next spring! This news shocked me, although I’m not sure why. If you think about it, the combination seems to work. Both Sex and the City and the Hannah Montana star are huge pop sensations right now. Miley also seems to be trying to shed her younger image and evolve into a more mature star. Appearing in what is sure to be one of the biggest movies of 2010 can’t hurt! [ . . . ]
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Twilight Wins Again

By on 08/28/2009
Ok – I’ll admit it. No matter how hard I tried to resist, I was eventually sucked into the Twilight saga. After almost a year of subtle hints, pointed comments and near begging from friends I agreed to read the first book. I thought I would read the first few chapters, not be too interested and go back to my normal fluffy novels. In actuality, I neglected all household chores and other nonessential tasks until I finished the book. My friends were right, I loved it! (Thanks guys!) It looks like our obsession [ . . . ]