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Gift Guide

By on 11/14/2019

The holidays are nearly here, fashionistas! Are you as excited as we are? Well, if you’re like us and already looking for gift inspiration, then check out some of…

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Summer Trend Alert: Variety of Espadrilles

By on 05/14/2012
Espadrilles are not a new trend for the Summer of 2012, but there are lots of great new styles. If you're ready for the warm weather then be sure to prepare for summer with these new great looks...
Expert Advice

What Your Shoes Say About You: Women

By on 04/02/2012
An interesting article appeared on Yahoo! discussing what shoes say about a person. We always wonder what other people are thinking about us. The article actually gave a little insight into what guys are thinking when they see a woman wearing a certain outfit including their shoe style. I thought it was fun so we're going to do the same thing. Here are what a few shoe styles will say about you...
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William and Kate Tour Canada, Eh?

By on 06/03/2011
If you’re anything like me and have been following the royal couple’s every move, I’m sure you’ve heard the two are taking on North America. According to, William has been there before, but would like to “get to know it better”, while his new wife Kate...
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Flats Aren’t Just for Ballerinas

By on 05/11/2011
As the thermometer rises, so does the bar for trendy new shoes. This summer it’s all about the adorable ballerina flat. The best part is that there are so many chic variations of styles, patterns, colors and more, you can wear them with practically anything! My favorite way to wear them is paired with...