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5 Styles To Help Transition Your Wardrobe From Summer To Fall

By on 08/31/2017

As the days grow shorter and the nights grow cooler, staying comfortably styled becomes more and more of a challenge. If you’re looking in your closet and wondering how…

Shoe Inspiration

3 Eye-Catching Summer-Ready Sandal Styles

By on 05/18/2017

Summer’s almost here. Do you have your sandals ready?

There are so many great summer sandals this year– from feminine and flirty looks to pair with dresses to tried-and-true athleisure…

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Taylor Swift at AMAs

By on 11/26/2013
Music is a part of almost everyone’s life; it lets us express ourselves in a way that words sometimes cannot. Some people dance to music, many listen to it, most sing along, but few are considered the top in the music industry. In order to celebrate the amazing artists who contribute to the music industry there are a variety of music awards throughout the year. Did you happen to catch the grand 2013 AMA’s? This year’s American Music Awards were held this past Sunday on November 24, and every top artist was in attendance. Singers such as Rihanna, Justin Timberlake, Lady Gaga, Luke Bryan, and Taylor Swift were all eagerly waiting and hoping to take home at least one award. The tops winners from the AMA’s were . . .
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Oscar Predictions 2011

By on 02/25/2011
It’s almost here – the most highly anticipated award show in the world of movies. In just two short days, Hollywood’s elite will pack Kodak Theatre to see who will take home an Oscar during the 83rd Academy Awards. It can be hard to foresee what will happen during the live show, but this year I’m ready to make a few predictions. Share your thoughts and predictions and let's see how close we are. Read on for my best guesses on all things Oscar 2011. [ . . . ]
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Lindsay Lohan’s Day in Court – In $1200 Shoes

By on 09/24/2010
Per Lindsay Lohan was sent back to jail this morning after failing a recent drug test. Her latest legal issues stem from her DUI trial from earlier this summer. Lindsay seems to be making more of an effort this time around to own up to her problems and try to work her way through them. Here’s hoping that she’s able to get the help she needs to overcome her personal problems and make [ . . . ]