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Shoe Inspiration

5 Shoes To Help You Crush Your Resolutions

By on 01/10/2019

Happy New Year, fashionistas!

It’s been a week since the confetti settled and our New Year’s Resolutions were made, and we hope yours are off to an excellent start! No…

Shoe Inspiration

7 Shoes That Make The Transition To Spring Easy

By on 03/06/2018

So you’re having your morning coffee and wondering how to dress for weird weather? Then it’s either one of two things: fall or spring. And since the spring season…

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Style Alert: Skechers Bobs and TOMS

By on 09/30/2011
If you've been out lately you might have noticed more than a few people wearing extremely comfortable looking shoes. The shoes are a basic slip-on and usually made of canvas uppers with a lightweight, synthetic outsole. People are loving these funky looking shoes for their comfort and laid back style. It's becoming a mainstream must have shoe for 2012...