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Tips & hacks on what to do with your old shoes

By on 11/03/2022

What to do with old shoes?

Are your favorite shoes not looking like new anymore after years of everyday wear and tear? One option is to get creative with your…

Shoe Inspiration

Kids’ Back to School Shoe Guide for 2022

By on 08/08/2022
It’s that time of the year again! Back to school is just around the corner, so you know what that means: new shoes! ShoeMall is sporting everything you need for back to school shoes right now. From school uniform shoes to Birkenstocks for kids to kids’ basketball shoes -- we have it all!
Shoe Inspiration

5 Shoes To Help You Crush Your Resolutions

By on 01/10/2019

Happy New Year, fashionistas!

It’s been a week since the confetti settled and our New Year’s Resolutions were made, and we hope yours are off to an excellent start! No…

Shoe Inspiration

7 Shoes That Make The Transition To Spring Easy

By on 03/06/2018

So you’re having your morning coffee and wondering how to dress for weird weather? Then it’s either one of two things: fall or spring. And since the spring season…

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Style Alert: Skechers Bobs and TOMS

By on 09/30/2011
If you've been out lately you might have noticed more than a few people wearing extremely comfortable looking shoes. The shoes are a basic slip-on and usually made of canvas uppers with a lightweight, synthetic outsole. People are loving these funky looking shoes for their comfort and laid back style. It's becoming a mainstream must have shoe for 2012...